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Mikaal Bates

Actor & Model

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Mikaal Bates (pronounced Michael) was born & raised in LA to a Psychology-teaching Yogi, and an Astrology-practicing Actress. He attended high school in Kentucky, pursued Jazz Saxophone & Poetry at Florida State University and after college, packed a single suitcase and, convinced of no better place to discover his true purpose in life than the world's great metropolis, he moved to NYC.

During those early years, Mikaal traveled the World and made a lot of cocktails before finding himself on the doorstep of the William Esper Studio where he would learn the craft of Acting from the same man who, alongside Sanford Meisner, had taught his Mother at the Neighborhood Playhouse some 40 years ago.


As a working Actor, Mikaal lives by the creed of  "Doing Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances", and devotes himself fully to unraveling its mysteries, both on stage and screen. In addition, Mikaal runs an Executive Coaching business, leads Men's Work, and travels the world with his partner, Touch, teaching humans of all persuasions how to create the relationship of their dreams through the study of  Masculine + Feminine dynamics.  (

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